Subaru 60K Service Interval

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To make your vehicle last a lifetime, it is essential to make sure it’s getting the love and care it needs. The factory-trained technicians and trained service team at Walser Subaru are here to help you get the most out of your Subaru. Often times, people may think that getting their oil changed and tires rotated regularly is all it takes. This is not the case. Interval services (30k, 60k, 90k, 120k) lets our team get an in-depth look at your Subaru to make sure it is all up to factory standard.

What’s included in the 60K (or 60 months) recommended service?

  • Replace engine oil, filter and drain plug washer
  • Inspect and adjust all drive belts to factory specifications
  • Inspect and ensure cooling fan is operating within factory specifications
  • Check to ensure air conditioning and heating systems are operating within factory specifications
  • Rotate tires, inspect tread wear and check and adjust tire pressure as needed
  • Perform brake system inspection; pads and/or drums, lines, hoses and fluid
  • Inspect suspension system and steering components to ensure factory specifications
  • Service battery, clean terminals, install anti-corrosion pads and check battery condition
  • Inspect wiper blades and linkage operation
  • Lubricate all door, trunk and hood latches and  hinges if needed
  • Inspect exhaust system and heat shields
  • Replace front and rear differential fluid
  • Inspect the radiator and cooling system
  • Adjust emergency brake to within factory specifications as needed
  • Replace air filter element
  • Inspect steering operation, tie rod ends and steering rack guides per factory specifications
  • Inspect all engine and transmission mounts
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels as needed
  • Check all interior and exterior lighting operation
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace spark plugs(as needed, platinum/iridium spark plugs parts higher, H-6 & Turbo engines additional labor)*
  • Factory trained technician to conduct a road test
  • Multi point inspection

Walser Subaru St. Paul is the preferred service center in the Twin Cities area for a reason. Schedule your service today!